COVID-19 dataset by Our World in Data#

At Our World in Data, we have been collecting COVID-19 data from various domains since the pandemic started. These domains include testing, vaccinations, hospitalizations and more. We believed (and still believe) that to make progress against the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease – COVID-19 – we need to understand how the pandemic is developing. And for this, we need reliable and timely data. Therefore have focused our work on bringing together the research and statistics on the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to use this documentation#

This documentation focuses on the technical and development aspects of the dataset, e.g. how we produce the dataset. To this end, we present and describe our working environment, our data pipeline and our data pipeline management tool cowidev.

Our goal is better to communicate how our COVID-19 data workflow functions and provide the necessary guidelines for users to contribute to the project.

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