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Using the interactive walkthrough

This article is meant for OWID staff members.

The walkthrough is an interactive web UI for setting up ETL steps.

Get set up

Before you begin, make sure you've set up the ETL as described in Getting Started.

Decide on names

The ETL uses a naming convention to identify datasets. To add a dataset, you will need to choose a short name for the data provider (e.g. un, who), which will serve as the namespace to add it to.

You will also need to choose a short name for the dataset itself (e.g. population), which will be used to identify the dataset in the ETL.

What's a short name?

Short names must be unique within a namespace. They must be in lowercase and separated only with underscores. They must not contain any special characters, and should not be too long.

  • population
  • electricity_demand
  • Electricity Demand
  • electricity-demand
  • really_long_elaborate_description_of_the_variable_in_question

Start the walkthrough

source .venv/bin/activate

Then, for each stage of data processing you need to do, run the walkthrough for that stage:

graph LR

snapshot --> meadow --> garden --> grapher

Begin with walkthrough snapshot, and open your browser to the page that it prints out.