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Adding data

This section is meant for OWID staff members.

We want to add data to our site so that we can

Choosing the tool to add data

There are different ways you can add data to the catalog, depending on your technical expertise. This section describes these different options, explaining when are they most useful.

I have some coding skills and I am concerned about reproducibility
Use Wizard

I have something complex to do or am very comfortable with the ETL
Manual addition

I have a small dataset and I am not concerned about reproducibility
Use Fast-Track

I just want to explore a dataset in grapher
Use Super Fast-Track

I have limited coding skills but I am concerned about reproducibility
Report on #data-scientists slack channel

Updating charts

Once new data has been added to our catalog and is available on Grapher, you can now move on to the "chart updating phase".

Updating charts