Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to contribute :).

This is a work-in-progress document, so if you have questions you can submit an issue. Also, bear in mind that all the development activity, including open discussions occur on Github, so make sure to check the latest issues and dicussions.


First thing that you need to do is forking the repository owid/covid-19-data. Next, you need to install our library and all dependencies. Note that without the proper working environment you will not be able to run the scripts and test your changes.


Our pipeline is complex and is built from several processes. Feel free to familiarize yourself with these in our pipeline overview.

Most of the contributions that we receive are in the context of vaccinations, testing and hospitalizations. What is different in these pipelines compared to others is that we are responsible for scraping the data individually for each country. Therefore, we need to maintain a large amount of individual country scripts which can stop working from night to day.

We have created domain-specific guidelines for these, so it is easier for you to contribute!

Contribute to vaccinations#

We welcome contributions to the vaccinations pipeline. More details here.


Raise an issue, we are happy to help!