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Meta Update Tool

This tool, accessible via the command etl metadata-upgrade, is designed to update metadata files using OpenAI's GPT model. It currently supports two types of metadata files: snapshot and grapher.

  • Grapher: The tool completes the description_from_producer, description_key, and description_short fields, thereby enriching the metadata with more detailed information.
  • Snapshot: The tool updates old, out-of-date files to a new format that is compatible with datapages.


The main function is set up as a command-line interface (CLI). It takes three arguments:

  • path-to-file: The path to the metadata file that needs to be updated.
  • output-dir: The directory where the updated metadata file should be saved. If not provided, the updated file will be saved in the same directory as the original file.
  • overwrite: A flag that, if set to True, overwrites the original file with the updated metadata.


To use this tool, run it from the command line with the required arguments. For example:

etl metadata-upgrade --path-to-file /path/to/metadata/file --output-dir /path/to/output/directory --overwrite

Snapshot vs Grapher Metadata Files

The etl metadata-upgrade tool handles 'snapshot' and 'grapher' metadata files differently.

Snapshot Updates

  • The GPT model is used to read a metadata file and generate a new metadata file that is compatible with the datapages.
  • The new metadata file is structured identically to a hardcoded example file (NEW_METADATA_EXAMPLE).
  • The GPT model is given a system prompt that includes the old metadata file, the new metadata format, and additional instructions for formatting the response.

Grapher Updates

  • Grapher updates are for metadata files related to the grapher step.
  • The GPT model is used to fill out specific fields for each variable in the metadata file.
  • The fields include 'description_from_producer', 'description_key', and 'description_short'.
  • The GPT model is given a system prompt that includes the old metadata and instructions for filling out the fields.