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OpenAI setup

Setting Up OpenAI API Key

Some of our tooling require access to OpenAI's models. To use these tools, you need to set up an API key:

  1. Make sure that you are added to the team on OpenAI's platform. If you are not, ask a colleague to add you.
  2. Go to the API keys page and create a new secret key.
    • Use "Restricted" permissions with: "Read" permissions for Models, Assistant and Threads, "Write" for Model Capabilities. Leave the rest with default values.
    • Copy the secret key (Cmd+V).
  3. Set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable to the secret key. We recommend setting this environment variable in your .env file as OPENAI_API_KEY='sk-...'.

If this does not work, please report it on Slack.