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Staging servers

Data Manager Workflow

Dedicated staging servers are automatically created from every ETL pull request. That gives data manager the ability to share and test their changes before they are merged into the live site.

PR staging servers URLs

You can visit your PR staging server at http://staging-site-<branch>. Note that <branch> might differ from the exact branch name, for example feature/123 will be feature-123 (all symbols are changed to dashes, and the maximum length is of 50 characters).

For more details, refer to the python code generating <branch> from the branch name.

Once the PR is ready, data manager should merge it into master, wait for deploy process to run ETL with their updates and then migrate all charts to the live site. This has to be done within 24 hours after the PR is merged, then the staging server will be destroyed.

    participant PR as Pull Request (ETL)
    participant SSB as staging-site-branch
    participant live as Live

    PR ->>+ SSB: PR Created
    SSB -->>- SSB: Bake
    PR ->>+ SSB: New Commit
    SSB -->>- SSB: Bake & run ETL
    PR ->> SSB: Merge PR
    Note right of PR: Schedule Destruction in 1 day
    SSB ->> live: etl chart-sync
    Note left of live: Sync all charts
    PR ->> SSB: Destroy server

Staging Sync Workflow

Once the work is merged, data manager should run etl chart-sync to migrate all charts to the live site. This command will sync all charts from staging to live as either draft charts or revisions.

    box Staging
    participant NewChart as New Chart
    participant UpdatedChart as Updated Chart
    box Live
    participant ChartRevision as Suggested Chart Revisions
    participant Draft as Draft
    participant PublishedChart as Published Chart

    # New charts process
    NewChart->>Draft: New charts created as drafts
    Draft->>PublishedChart: Publish chart (manual)

    # Updated charts process
    UpdatedChart->>ChartRevision: Updates added as revisions
    Note over UpdatedChart, ChartRevision: Warn if chart has been modified on live
    ChartRevision->>PublishedChart: Approve revision (manual)

    # Updated charts with revisions, useful for population updates
    UpdatedChart->>PublishedChart: Updates with approved revision on staging are applied directly (with --approve-revisions flag)
    Note over UpdatedChart, PublishedChart: Submit revision if chart has been modified on live

Run etl chart-sync --help for more details