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Metadata in data pages

To better understand how the different metadata fields are mapped to the different elements in a data page, we have created a very simple app.

Simply execute

etlwiz metaplay

Use the correct environment variables

Make sure to run this with the appropriate environment variables set (you need access to the database). This works best with your staging environment (accessible via Tailscale).

You can define custom environment variables in the file .env.staging and then run:

ENV_FILE=.env.staging etlwiz metaplay

The previous command will launch the web app.

This app uses a fictional dataset called "dummy", to build the data page for its indicator dummy_variable. In the app, you can see and edit the metadata for the origin (in Snapshot) and the metadata for the indicator (in Garden). In the background, this will run the necessary ETL steps to ingest this indicator into Grapher.