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Private dataset import to ETL

This tutorial might be partial or incomplete. Please check with the team if you have questions.

Most of the steps have private versions with -private suffix (e.g. data-private://..., walden-private://...) that remember and enforce a dataset level is_public flag.

When publishing, the index is public, but tables in the index that are private are only available over s3 with appropriate credentials. owid-catalog-py is also updated to support these private datasets and supports fetching them over s3 transparently.

Uploading private data to walden

It is possible to upload private data to walden so that only those with S3 credentials would be able to download it.

from owid.walden import Dataset

local_file = 'private_test.csv'
metadata = {
  'name': 'private_test',
  'short_name': 'private_test',
  'description': 'testing private walden data',
  'source_name': 'test',
  'url': 'test',
  'license_url': 'test',
  'date_accessed': '2022-02-07',
  'file_extension': 'csv',
  'namespace': 'private',
  'publication_year': 2021,

# upload the local file to Walden's cache
dataset = Dataset.copy_and_create(local_file, metadata)
# upload it as private file to S3
url = dataset.upload(public=False)
# update PUBLIC walden index with metadata

Running private ETL

--private flag rebuilds everything including private datasets

etl run --private
etl d reindex
etl d publish --private